Organic Growth Boosters for Broilers and Noilers

Organic growth boosters

Growth boosters are substances that can be administered to chickens orally (feed and water) or injected into an animal’s body primarily to increase or speed up their growth rapidly. In poultry farming, growth boosters are used to make chickens grow faster or add more weight.

While influencing the growth of broilers or noiler is not bad, it is important to use the right growth boosters that are safe for the birds and humans that will consume the meat.

There are two types of growth boosters. They are Organic Growth Boosters and Inorganic Growth Boosters.

Organic growth boosters are natural substances. Being organic, they are safe and pose no danger to the birds and meat consumers. They are either from plant or animal sources. On the other hand, inorganic growth boosters are artificial boosters produced from synthetic chemicals. Administering inorganic growth boosters could pose a serious threat to public health. Some inorganic growth boosters such as antibiotics and hormones can be dangerous to human health when they are consumed.

In this article, some natural or organic growth boosters for broilers and noilers will be discussed. They are also suitable for turkeys, layers and kuroilers.


Garlic for chickens
Garlic Cloves

Garlic is a great growth promoter for chickens. It also boosts the immune system, prevents or cures diseases and improves egg production. Adding 2-3 grams of garlic powder per kilogram of feed continuously will help your broilers and noilers grow faster. This will also safeguard them from illnesses.

To prepare garlic powder, chop the garlic cloves into smaller sizes and dry under the sun or use an oven. When the cloves are brittle, grind them with a grinder or blender until they become powder. Store in an airtight container.

The mixing ratio is 2-3 grams of garlic powder to one kilogram of feed. It is safe to administer such feed to your broilers and noilers as long as you want.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne peppers for chicken
Cayenne Peppers

Well, cayenne pepper is not for culinary purposes only. It contains natural capsaicin that increases appetite and boosts feed metabolism. Remember, as appetite increases, feed consumption increases and that means increased weight. I would also like to mention that cayenne pepper is also used as antihelminth and anticoccidial. Mixing cayenne pepper powder with the feed of your chickens will speed up their growth.

To prepare cayenne pepper powder, sun-dry or oven-dry the peppers and ensure they are dry. Grind them with a blender or grinder into a powdery form. Keep the powder in a container with a lid. Cayenne pepper powder can also be purchased and this option saves time and energy.

Mixing 10-15 grams of cayenne pepper with a kilogram of feed yields great results. Don’t forget to wear hand gloves and nose covers if you are mixing with your hands.


Turmeric for chickens

Turmeric is another natural growth booster suitable for broilers and noilers. It contains curcumin, a natural antibacterial, antioxidant and anticoccidial. Turmeric, just like other boosters mentioned above, is administered through feed. You can buy turmeric powder or prepare it yourself.

For optimal results, add and mix 7-10 grams per kg of feed and serve the birds. Feed containing turmeric can be served daily without negative side effects.


Thyme for chickens

If you have access to plentiful thyme plants, you can utilise its power to enhance the growth rate of your chickens. Thyme is a great growth promoter and antioxidant for poultry birds and can be administered via feed or water. However, the feed route is recommended.

To administer via feed, buy thyme powder or prepare it at home. Dry the thyme (sun, air or oven) and grind to powder. Add and mix 5-10 grams of thyme powder per kilogram of feed to get the best results.


Ginger for chickens

Apart from using it as an immunity booster, ginger can also increase the growth rate of chickens. Ginger increases the appetite of chickens and improves feed metabolism. Mixing 5-10 grams of ginger powder with 1 kilogram of feed is recommended to achieve excellent results.


For those confused with the mixing rate, use the calculator below to determine the amount of growth booster to mix per particular quantity of feed.

Inclusion Rate Calculator

Inclusion Rate Calculator

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