Why Farm Broilers? Top 7 Reasons Explained

Broiler chickens

Before anyone begins any farming business, it is important to know and understand the reasons or advantages behind such. You might be aware that broiler farming is the most common farming venture that many new farmers started with. However, it is important to know the reasons for you to make informed decisions and succeed in your new enterprise. Below are key points to why you should farm broiler chickens.

1. Profitable

First and foremost, no one wants to start an unprofitable venture. Broiler production on a commercial level, is profitable and you can recoup your investment in 4 weeks or 8 weeks depending on whether you want to sell at immature birds (aged 3-4 weeks) or as mature birds (aged 6 weeks and above). This is possible because broilers are raised primarily for meat production purposes due to their genetic ability to grow rapidly. This allows for quicker turnover and higher profits compared to other poultry types.

2. High market demand

Broiler meat is in high demand in the market because consumers like its taste, tenderness, affordability and processing convenience. The highest percentage of chicken meat sold in the market or during festive periods is broiler chicken meat. Don’t forget that as our population keeps increasing, our protein needs also grow. Broiler remains one of the cheapest sources of animal protein till today.

3. Efficient feed conversion

The only poultry species that can convert 1 unit of feed it consumed to 0.7 unit of meat are broiler chickens. They are genetically capable of efficiently converting feed into meat. Their feed conversion ratio (FCR) is impressive, making them an economically viable choice for commercial poultry farmers. However, FCR is also influenced by the quality of feed, birds and management practices.

4. Short production cycle

Due to advancements in poultry genetics, the shortest time for a broiler chicken to be ready for the table is 5 weeks. This means that broiler chickens can reach within a relatively short period of 5-8 weeks. This particular short production period allows broiler farmers to maximize production cycles and meet market demands promptly.

5. Infrastructural flexibility

Raising broilers on subsistence and commercial levels does not require sophisticated or state-of-the-art rearing pens or equipment. You can raise the birds in various housing systems such as free-range, cages and deep-litter floors. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on infrastructure before you can raise them. The most important things to consider are ventilation, stocking density and ease of cleaning.

6. Ease of production

it is easy to raise broilers even as a newbie unlike when you want to raise other poultry species like layers. With a basic knowledge of brooding, vaccination, medication, feeding and housing management, you are good to go. This is why it is easier for people who have not raised chickens before to get a few broiler chicks and raise them to maturity.

7. Job creation

Broiler farming creates a source of income for you if you wish to do it for commercial reasons. Additionally, as you scale up, you create more employment opportunities as you will need farm hands to assist you with activities or operations on the farm. By the way, from hatcheries to chicken processing plants, the broiler industry itself creates many jobs along the value chain.

Just like other agribusinesses, broiler production also comes with its disadvantages which include high feed costs, disease outbreaks and sales and marketing challenges. Nevertheless, it is still one of the safest, quickest and most profitable livestock investments you can ever put your cash into.

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