Where and How to Procure Day-Old Chicks (DOC) in Nigeria

Day old chicks

Knowing where to procure high-quality day-old chicks (DOC) is an important aspect of poultry farming. The major for this is that where you get your chicks matter a lot. Remember, the quality of the chicks you buy determines how they will perform. There is no way a farmer will buy and feed low-quality chicks that they will meet their performance targets. They will always perform poorly.

While there are many places you can buy your day-old chicks, it is very important to buy chicks directly from hatcheries with proven track records of producing high-quality chicks. However, due to the high number of bookings these hatcheries receive, they hardly meet up with order fulfilments and often split their customers’ orders. In this case, many farmers who have run out of patience, patronise open-market DOC marketers.

There is nothing bad or wrong in patronising open-market DOC vendors or sellers. We also provide this service. However, you must ensure that whoever you are buying from is legit and sells the exact thing they claim to sell. The advantages of buying from DOC vendors or agents include convenience and getting your chicks when you need them. Despite all the benefits this method provides, it is also not fail-proof. There are times when you will be disappointed as they won’t be able to fulfil your order even after paying. Quality could also be compromised. Above all, the prices of chicks are always slightly higher than the hatchery price.

Whether you’re buying directly from the hatchery or the open market, due diligence matters. The outcome is never sweet if you’re caught in the net of bad hatcheries or vendors. It is right to mention that you can have bad experiences patronising hatcheries with great track records. Hence, always prepare your mind for such so you don’t get too disappointed. For instance, issues may come from the parent stock or within the incubator or hatcher. In such situations, the hatchery should discard the affected batch and if such bad chicks get to the customers’ farms, they must be compensated.

Now, these are some of the hatcheries in Nigeria you can get chicks from; broiler, pullet (layer), noiler, cockerels and turkey poults.

  • Agrited
  • Zartech
  • CHI
  • Farm Support
  • Amo Farm Sieberer
  • Chikun
  • Nu-Breed

How to Book or Buy DOC from Hatcheries in Nigeria

  1. Get in touch with any of their marketers or agents. If convenient, visit their booking office and see the personnel in charge of booking.
  2. Let the personnel know you want to buy a particular quantity of chicks at a particular time.
  3. They will check if there is room to take in your booking or order. If not, they will inform you about the next possible date.
  4. They may tell you to register your name or farm name and you do some documentation.
  5. You will make a down payment and balance up before your orders are fulfilled.

The process is quite easy if you’re using an open-market or vendor

  1. Contact the vendor and let them know the type of chicks, quantity and your preferred hatchery.
  2. They will tell you the price per chick/carton for that particular week. Please note that prices change even on the collection date due to the price set by the hatchery. In the case of a price change, you will be informed.
  3. You send payment after reaching an agreement and have concluded.
  4. When your chicks are ready, you will be contacted to arrange for the delivery.

Safety tips!

  • Do your due diligence before you book or make payment.
  • Always ensure you pay into a corporate account unless you know the vendor very well.
  • If possible, arrange a physical meeting (face-to-face).
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask them as they drop in your mind.
  • Communicate with the vendor often to know the status of your order.
  • When your chicks are shipped, talk with the driver every hour to know their current location to get prepared.

Livestocking Farms & Agro Consulting offers day-old chick procurement or booking services to everyone. We ensure that the chicks we sell to you is the best and from reputable hatcheries. We are not involved in dubious practices that some vendors engage in. If you don’t get your orders when we say you will get them, we refund your money.

We will also help you arrange the vehicle that will bring your chicks. We give listening ears to customers complaints and ensure they are resolved on time. You can call, message or email us to get started. Click here to view our contact information.

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