Tips on Land Selection for Farming

For the small-scale farmers, land procurement happens to be their single largest cost expenditure. This is why it is important for any serious farmer to choose the most appropriate land for the type of farming you desire to embark on.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Land for Farming

Before you decide to pay for any piece of land, there are some factors or things you must put into consideration. They should influence your decision to buy the intended farmland. These factors include:

  • Price
  • Location
  • Climate
  • Soil
  • Topography
  • Structures

Some of those factors may be less important than others, depending on the type of farm. For instance, a fertile soil, suitable climate and a fairly flat topography are required for a crop farm. For a livestock farm, much importance is given to structures, climate and location. If you intend to grow both crops and livestock, then you have to choose a land that possesses the best mix of all those factors.

Price of the Land

I wouldn’t want to evaluate the price of land as this varies from area to area, and country to country. However, avoid buying the land if the asking price is too high. Remember, you will still have to spend money on paper works, land surveying, legal documents and even on getting structures on the land.  

Location of the Land

There are three major reasons why location is very important. First and foremost, it must not be too far from your house or workplace as the case may be so that you will find it easy to visit your farm at any time of the day. Secondly, it should be closer to agricultural markets and farm or feed supply stores. Lastly, other activities in the areas must not pose any risk to your crops, animals or people in the areas. Such as drilling, mining and flaring activities.

Topography and Soil Type

These two factors will control, to a large extent, the types of crops that can be grown on the land. It is easy or necessarily possible to modify soil conditions. Hence, it is always advised to conduct a soil test and analysis before buying such land. The soil test will allow you to know if the soil meets the requirements of the crops you intend to grow on it. Regarding topography, avoid any land that looks too hilly or sloppy. While it may be eye-catching, working with farm machinery might be impossible or dangerous.

Climate of the Area

This particular factor will affect the distribution of rainfall, daily low and high temperatures and length of the growing season. Owing to this, certain crops may produce poor yields or may not grow. As for livestock, if the area is too cold, then the livestock farmer will spend more money on feed. Therefore, ensure that the climate is favourable to the crops or animals you intend to raise in such area.


The structures on the land such as fences, storage bins, barns, machinery sheds, etc. may be useful to the farmer. In some cases, these structures are cheaper to buy with the land than to build the structures later. Choose the land with new or near new structures that can be expanded and upgraded when necessary.

So these are what you really have to look for when considering purchasing a farmland or property. I believe this post will get you started off in the right direction and will enable you to begin building a successful farm.

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3 thoughts on “Tips on Land Selection for Farming”

  1. It’s great to learn that you should avoid buying land if the asking price is too high. My wife and I are looking for a new farm and we were wondering what kind of land we should buy. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should look for a farm that doesn’t have a high asking price.

  2. Thank you for the knowledge you have provided. am a male of 26years of age whos looking forward to get my first piece of farmland here in zambia kapiri mposhi. with this information am ready to start searching for the best suitable land for my crop and animal farming.

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