How to Feed Broilers for Fast Growth (3 Ways)

Big broiler chicken

If you are raising broilers for meat production, you might be wondering how to feed them for fast growth. Broilers are chickens that have been bred to grow quickly and efficiently, reaching slaughter weight in about six weeks. Feeding broilers properly is essential for their health and profitability. I have described three ways you can feed broilers for fast growth.

1. Feed ad libitum

Broiler growth depends largely on how much feed they consume. Broilers need enough feed to supply their energy and protein needs for growth. That is why it is advisable to allow broilers to feed unlimitedly, which means letting them eat as much as they want whenever they want. This way, broilers can maximize their feed intake and growth potential.

To allow broilers to feed unlimitedly, you need to make sure that they always have access to clean and fresh feed. You also need to ensure that the feeders are well-distributed and reachable to all the birds. You should avoid overstocking, which can lower feed intake and cause stress and disease. You should also check the feed quality and avoid feeding bad or contaminated feed, which can damage the birds’ health and performance.

2. Add organic growth promoters to their feed

Unlike antibiotics and hormones, natural growth promoters are safe and legal to use in broiler production. They do not have negative effects on the birds’ health, welfare and product quality. They also do not pose risks to human health and the environment by causing antibiotic resistance, residues and contamination. Therefore, you can use natural growth promoters in your broiler feed without any worries. Some of the natural growth promoters that have been proven to work are cloves, black pepper, cayenne pepper, bitter kola, and garlic.

3. Give high quality broiler feed

One of the most important factors that affect broiler growth is the quality of their feed. Broilers require a feed that is balanced and provides them with the essential nutrients for their development and health. These nutrients include energy, protein, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and water.

A balanced feed for broilers should be based on high-quality ingredients that are formulated for broiler production. The feed should also follow a feeding program that matches the nutritional needs of the broilers at different stages of their growth cycle. The feeding program is divided into three phases: starter, grower, and finisher.

The starter phase lasts from 0 to 10 days of age and provides the broilers with protein (21-22% CP) and a low-energy (3000 Kcal/kg ME) diet. This diet supports the early growth and physiological development of the broilers.

The grower phase lasts from 11 to 25 days of age and provides the broilers with protein (19-20% CP) and energy (3050 Kcal/kg ME) diet. This diet supports the rapid growth and muscle development of the broilers.

The finisher phase lasts from 26 days to 42 days or until slaughter and provides the broilers with a high-energy and low-protein diet. This diet supports the final growth and fattening of the broilers.

By giving a balanced feed to your broilers, you can optimize their growth performance and profitability.

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